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This washing machine allows you to go back to the fun part of makeup and never worry about the hassle of having to clean your  beauty blenders.

A fun and effective way to clean your makeup accessories 

As seen all over the internet our signature Blender Wash is an amazing and cute way to wash your makeup accessories. The perfect gift for that makeup lover in your life or even yourself ! 


The gadget is powered by batteries and much like a typical washer, can be filled with water and soap. It comes with a tiny spinner inside which can be turned on with an equally tiny button. Simple! Oh, and there's an adorable little hose that works to drain out the dirty water. 
  • Mini cute beauty sponge washing machine.
  • Just put the beauty sponge into the water, and click to start the machine!
  • Fill the mini washing machine with warm water and your personal preference of brush soap, makeup cleanser, or antibacterial soap.
  • Drain the water using the hose when finished